When you undertake a full or partial restoration of your car you want to be certain that you put your car in to the right hands. It’s important to know that the people that are working on your Resto actually have the skills and the reputation to deliver your requirements. At Resto’s and Rods Garage we specialise in Car Restoration and our team are long term qualified car builders that have the skills to undertake the restoration process.

Dec is the owner of Resto’s and Rods Garage and also heads up the Body and Paint Shop. Dec absolutely loves a Resto and seeing a restoration project through from start to finish. Dec started his time as a coach builder in Ireland and quickly progressed to running his own Panel Shop. When Australia called in 2006 Dec arrived tool box in tow and opened Resto’s and Rods Garage.

Dec is hands on and works on every detail of every restoration that comes in to the shop. He specialises in the complete Restoration of Classic and Muscle cars and Hot Rods and loves to watch his restorations come back to life. So much so, the TV show “Resto my Ride” is filmed at Resto’s and Rods Garage.

Dec’s biggest strength is that he won’t bullshit you when it comes to what is required to restore your car. He only works with the best tried and tested products and works to our customers dream builds.

No matter what Dec can guide you on the Restoration, Design or Custom build of your car. Come and talk to him in person in the workshop or give him a call to discuss your Resto.

At this end of the workshop we can Design, Restore and Custom Build your car:

  • Full or Partial Car Restoration
  • Australian Muscle and Classics
  • American Muscle
  • Hot Rod Restoration
  • Classic Car Restoration
  • Custom Builds
  • Concours Restoration and Paint refinishing
  • Rust Repairs
  • Panel Fabrication – Aluminium and Steel
  • Chassis Modifications and Fabrications
  • Paint
  • Accident Repairs – Road or Track.
  • Insurance claims