When you leave your vehicle with us for restoration you agree to the following Terms and Conditions

  • All restoration work is paid for in advance to Resto’s and Rods Garage by instalments equal to 160 labour hours at the rate agreed between the parties.
  • All consumables, parts, and non labour items are required to be paid for in advance.
  • Work will not be performed on your vehicle unless all invoices are paid and up to date.
  • You must have your car insured and provide a certificate of currency for your vehicle to Resto’s and Rods Garage. We are not responsible for theft or damage whilst the car is on our property. Please talk to us about laid up insurance and we can refer you to our preferred insurer.
  • Invoices are due payable to Resto’s and Rods within 7 days from the date on the invoice. Unpaid invoices will incur fees equal to the daily storage fee starting from the issue date of the invoice and until the invoice is paid in full.
  • You will be provided with regular detailed emails including documentation of hours worked and tasks completed and upcoming tasks.
  • Abandoned vehicles – for the purpose of these terms and conditions a vehicle is considered abandoned for non contact and non payment of invoices payable after 10 business days.
  • Your vehicle will be considered abandoned if we do not hear from you within 10 business days of communication with you regarding any process of your build including non payment of due invoices. Storage fees will start from the day of abandonment. We will attempt to contact you by phone and the email address provided to us by you.
  • Storage fees are $110 plus gst per day.
  • We are not a storage facility. If we can not work on your car due to non payment on non communication – you will be charged storage fees. For the avoidance of doubt – if you do not approve any upcoming work required for us to continue with the build, or you do not communicate with us about your build, or an invoice remains unpaid, your vehicle will then be considered abandoned and storage fees will apply.
  • If your vehicle is considered abandoned and left at our workshop for more than six months ( 26 weeks ) we have the right to dispose of the vehicle as we see fit.
  • We will not be held liable for abandoned vehicles
  • We will not be held liable for any amounts that have been paid in advance for abandoned vehicles.
  • A cancellation fee is payable to Restos and Rods in consideration of any work that is enlisted by you and booked in to our schedule and then cancelled by you prior to completion. This is considered a reasonable estimate of the direct loss of business to Restos and Rods. The cancellation fee is 1 weeks ( 40 hours ) labour at our rate for every 4 week labour block remaining to complete the work that was originally agreed. This fee is due and payable prior to the car leaving our premisies.
  • Cancelled restorations must be removed from our premises within 7 days of cancellation inline with the final invoice payment terms and in consultation with Restos and Rods. Storage fees will start to accrue if the vehicle remains on our premisies after 7 days from the issue date of the final invoice and are payable in full prior to removal.
  • All restorations are filmed and documented for the purposes of Marketing. You give us the right to record the restoration in photographs and on film and/or video tape and to reproduce, adapt and edit the Recording. You give us the right to exploit the Recording and the Show in whole or in part in all media throughout the world and in perpetuity including for the purposes of publicity, advertising, sales and promotion of the Show and ancillary rights and uses.
  • If you have a complaint, please contact us – cars@restosandrods.com.au

Customers have been referred to these Terms and Conditions by email with us and it is the customers responsibility to remain updated with the Terms and Conditions.

Bodymaster Industries Pty Ltd – Trading as Resto’s and Rods Garage – 6 Churchill Street, Williamstown North 3016 – 13/08/2020