Help – I’ve had an accident! Can you help?

Can Resto’s and Rods also restore damaged cars from accidents? The short answer is – Yes!

Whether you are at fault ( you had the accident ) or you are not at fault ( someone else is responsible for the damage ) we will manage the entire process of having your pride and joy restored back to pre-accident condition.

We all know how special our cars are and if you own a classic – what we classify as built pre 1980 – then you know just how important it is to ensure you get the car repaired and restored by a team that actually knows what they are doing.

We hear the story so many times “But my insurer told me to go to a particular panel shop”. And more often than not, the panel shop is not a restoration specialist. Why would you take your classic to a smash repair shop?

Your car needs specialist restoration methods applied to the repair to restore your car back to pre-accident condition. As a full time restoration workshop, we apply the exact same methods to repairs as we do to full car restoration.

We will look after the entire process for you from dealing with your, or the at fault drivers Insurance company – to delivering your car to you fully restored to the Restos and Rods standard. 

Our point of difference:

  • Resto’s and Rods Garage have a fully qualified team of car restoration specialists across all car restoration facets including, Fabrication, Body and Paint.
  • We only use the best products and consumables in the market.
  • We use our very own restoration methods which always means taking the car back to bare metal and ensuring the repair is done correctly
  • We deal with the insurance company on your behalf – No stress to you

We have the runs on the board – Simply put, we know what we are doing!

Don’t trust your repairs to just any panel shop. Talk to us at Resto’s and Rods Garage first – email – 03 8529 3063